Video Game Music Composer


Cyber Moon Rising

A six-track album based on some original video game music ideas for a 2D platformer in a cyberpunk-esque environment.


Cities Above and Below

An original ten track album composed with SunVox, documenting my memories spending time in my favourite cities from World of Warcraft.


Three Faction Action

A three track compilation of atmospheric concept tracks in the realm of a classic triple-faction Real-Time Strategy game.


Robinson Cruising (Original Soundtrack)

Two vocal-only tracks that I composed for the Godot Wild Jam #41 entry "Robinson Cruising", working with Dmitriy (programming) and Adamastor (art) once again for our second title.

2022 - Retrospective

The Tale of the Extended Warranty (Original Soundtrack)

Four Genesis-inspired tracks that I composed for the Juice Jam entry "The Tale of the Extended Warranty", developed by Vidvad Games.

2022 - Retrospective

Mocha Cabin (Original Soundtrack)

The original soundtrack of three tracks that I composed for the Godot Wild Jam #40 entry "Mocha Cabin", with programming by Dmitriy Shmilo and art by Gabriel Da Mota.

2021 - Retrospective

The Malkavian

Three tracks composed for "The Malkavian" as part of a Yogscast Game Jam 2021 submission that wasn't released.

2021 - Retrospective

Go Godot Jam 2 - Spooky Energy

Two atmospheric tracks that I put together for an unreleased game started for the Go Godot Jam 2.

2021 - Retrospective

Horse Head (Original Soundtrack)

The original soundtrack that I composed for the Godot Fire Charity Jam 1 game jam project designed and programmed by Nonunknown and Leo Bersk, "Horse Head".

2021 - Retrospective

MechJam II - Deactivated Mecha

Two tracks that I composed for an unreleased prototype made duing the MechJam II game jam.

2021 - Retrospective

Slime Jammers - The Lost Tracks

A series of five tracks that I composed for the unreleased project for the GBJam 9 game jam, "Slime Jammers".

2021 - Retrospective

Wingless Workload (Original Soundtrack)

A soundtrack that I composed for Potomax's VimJam2 game jam entry, "Wingless Workload or her majesty dies".

2021 - Retrospective

8-bit Shatter Album

An 8-bit rendition of the Shatter OST composed by the great Jeramiah "Module" Ross in 2009.


Laying Down the Banhammer (Original Soundtrack)

An eight-song soundtrack that I composed for my second iOS game, a short adventure with references.


Jonatron Judges All (Original Soundtrack)

A five-song soundtrack that I composed for my first iOS game, a compendium of short puzzle games.