Video Game Music Composer


With previous interests in the electric guitar and piano, I currently compose electronic music in a number of different styles and using various methods and workflows.

While I have no formal training, my strengths lie in being able to place myself within a world that myself or someone else has created and truly feel that environment. I almost attempt to place my current music workstation in a game's world - a building, a room, an outhouse. Somewhere I can take in the surroundings and begin to compose a piece of music.

Listening to other developers talk passionately about what they're currently working on really motivates me and can have a hugely positive effect on one's composition process. I think it's important to have that bond and level of respect between both parties in order to come together to create something truly spectacular.

My late father and sister were the two people in my family that helped nurture my love for music and expressing myself within that space. I have them both to thank for my choices to pursue what I feel I was truly born to do, regardless of the torment & turbulence along the way.


My three weapons of choice currently are FamiTracker, SunVox and LMMS.

I tend to lean towards either open-source or free options as what's available in those spaces seem to fit my style and workflow better. I find that working with "tracker" interfaces suits the developer in me and the limitations imposed by a finite set of instructions and effects breeds creativity and helps the creator within me get through those quintissential moments of writer's block.

While this does limit the scope of what I can create, there are still infinite possibilities of what one can come up with and there is an inherent beauty in that fact. You can still come up with something heavier, something funky, something dark. It just means that it won't come along with sweeping orchestras and high quality samples and vocals!


I would say that's it's difficult to define what style(s) I currently conform to but it usually revolves around certain waveforms (such as square, triangle, sawtooth) and manipulating those to create many different lead, rhythm and bass "instruments". I regularly follow my gut and what feels right in the moment, culminating in some crazy transitions at times but in the hope that it all comes together as one in the end.

I wouldn't define it as erratic by any means and it is structured a lot of the time but it's always heavily directed by feeling. You could say that it's almost an empathic approach to how certain sounds makes the listener feel.

To get a better idea of what I'm about and what I create, please check out the links provided on the contact page and get in touch if you want to connect further - I'd love to hear from you about what you're working on and how we could work together!


Time after time, I find myself coming back to the music from the Warcraft, Halo, Final Fantasy, Spyro and Pokemon universes. I could name hundreds more but these are the core five that shaped my childhood and experiences with past friends and family. This is based purely on feeling and what emotional connections and ties I have with these game franchises.

Because of this, the core five composers that I look up to the most would be (in no particular order): Nobuo Uematsu, Stewart Copeland, Jeramiah Ross, Martin O'Donnell and Grant Kirkhope. Again, there are so many more and I'm probably doing all those others a disservice by listing only five but when I think back through my musical escapades and career, these stand out the most.

While these may not reflect on my compositions, the way that all of the composers I admire conduct themselves in the world as fellow human beings, it gives me hope that one day I can follow in their footsteps and also create incredible works of art.