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Retro Adventures for Pete's Sake - Retrospective (Godot Wild Jam no.37)

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Recently, I finally took a delve into the world of composing music for other people's game jam entries. Even though this first project was only a single track that ended up being less than thirty seconds, it was an enlightening experience that I hope to replicate again soon.

I initially reached out in the Godot Wild Jam Discord server, on a first come, first served basis to see if anyone wanted to take me on to write some music for them and someone did get in touch a short while after. We had a brief discussion about what they were planning to work on and a short title theme was requested, which I happily obliged with.


There wasn't much contact after that but as always, I check in over the course of the jam to make sure they're okay, if progress is going well and if they need any more assistance from myself. I always respect the space of everyone else involved so after realising they were busy (and albeit behind on the programming side), I kept my distance as the last thing one needs is a multitude of pings or interruptions!


The project was still submitted in the end, even though it was in an unfinished state and I'm glad they decided to do so rather than ditching it. It allows everyone to still see the potential that the game had and what it could become in the future if it was developed further.


I think what I wrote did fit the theme well and wished I could write a bit more but it was probably for the best as I was part of another jam which was also in progress (which I'll be writing about very soon!).


Still, I'm glad that I was a part of the creative work of another individual and begun getting used to collaborating with others once again. Onwards and upwards and onto the next retrospective, which will be what I wrote for the VimJam2: Boss, 8 Bits to Infinity!

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Published on: Monday 27 September, 2021