Video Game Music Composer

Open to new commissions and projects!

This is the first blog post from yours truly, saying that I'm currently open for commissions and project requests. While my preferences lie with composing video game music, I'm also open to one-off songs and themes as and when they're appropriate.

My YouTube and Soundcloud feeds currently give the best representation of my skills and styles.

I'd love to speak further about how we could work together on your existing or upcoming video game projects. I'm always excited to hear about what other developers are working on and sharing those excitements with other people like myself.

Just seeing some screenshots imparts a lot of inspiration and motivation onto myself and serves as a great starting point for a lot of my music, as well as hearing the backstory and original development and ideas behind the levels and landscapes.

I'm always happy to write a few samples based on screenshots and/or backstory to see whether my style(s) fit what you're looking for and then we can go from there. Nothing is ever wasted - if it turns out that it's not what either party is looking for, that's okay! I can finish off the track and then use that as part of my ongoing portfolio.

I'm always respectful that people have their own lives too, in today's "always online" era!

Want to get in touch?

Head over to my contact page for my details and platforms that I'm currently active on if you want to get in touch!

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Published on: Saturday 17 July, 2021